Our Brand

The En Pointe brand has been delivering technology solutions for more than 20 years, and has always been about making things easier and better for our clients. And while technology has gotten more complex, we are committed to simplifying those technology solutions, enabling better business outcomes, and continuing to deliver the same wonderful experience that our name has been associated with for the last 24 years.

Our Methodology

The En Pointe IT Solutions name is a playful way of reminding our clients that we are here to help you find the exact right solutions to all of your IT needs, and nothing short of that. Our IT experts represent the En Pointe IT Solutions name by helping you maintain optimum productivity in the office.

Our methodology and approach to your business are where we add real value. With technology product life cycles shrinking, fewer resources to do more work, and ever increasing pressure to be competitive, we understand the challenges facing IT teams today. Our consultative approach has 3 simple goals:

  • Identify opportunities to align technology to business objectives
  • Deliver holistic solutions that are efficient, cost-effective and secure
  • Reduce complexity and costs in IT procurement and deployment

The first conversation we like to have is all about how orders are being placed. Is there an ability to “punch out” and save time and money? Is it helpful to control what standards are being ordered? Is it helpful get regular reporting, or have on demand reporting? Chances are the answers to these and many other buying process questions is yes, so we need to talk about providing access to our e procurement tool, which allows us to customize a catalog for you, enable all sorts of punch out options, as well as provide detailed reporting. At no cost to you, and easy to implement, we can help you improve your purchasing process tomorrow.

Our Past

The En Pointe brand has been around since 1993 when IT was a very different industry. In the decades since, as technology has made vast leaps and changes, En Pointe IT Solutions has changed with it. In the last 2 years, we have a new owner, a new commitment to the local diverse communities that we serve, and have grown our employee base to be more diverse and inclusive. We have invested in resources and partnerships to keep up with the demand of an increasingly complex technological world. Under the attentive care of seasoned industry executives, En Pointe IT Solutions became a progressive minority-owned company committed to making the supply chain more diverse and effectual.

While we changed a lot over the last few years, what hasn’t changed is En Pointe IT Solutions’ values and ideals; that being an industry leader is about always being adaptable and ready for the next big change. We’re proud of our past because it shows that we are committed to being part of this industry as it flourishes towards a brighter future.

Our Future

We’re always looking for new and innovative methods to improve our services and client solutions. So, whether you’re thinking about converting to a cloud-based platform or need help managing your data center, we’re prepared to offer cutting-edge solutions that can vastly improve ‘business as usual’.

The technology industry is always changing. Ten years ago, the landscape was vastly different from where we are now, and where we are now will be vastly different from where we’ll be in ten more years. Here at En Pointe IT Solutions, we’re excited about the growth potential of our industry, our clients, and our employees. 

We’ve grown a lot recently, becoming a certified minority-owned and woman-owned company, expanding our sales coverage across the US, and bringing together a team of highly experienced professionals who are dedicated to giving you the best possible experience.

Our tier 1 vendor authorizations ensure competitive pricing, while our e-procurement tool simplifies the buying process, eliminating unnecessary steps, and protecting standards. Our logistics capabilities enable same day ordering agreements, and in many cases, shipments as well. We’re able to do this because of our partnerships with industry giants, which allow us to provide a wide range of services while keeping our footprint small, quick, and local.

En Pointe IT Solutions firmly believes the future starts today, and it starts with strong partnerships and a solid foundation of trust, intelligence, and experience.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.