En Pointe IT Solutions’ approach to partnering is based on the belief that technology is a means to an end, and not the end itself. When we look at a server, video display, or a piece of software, we see a problem solved or a business opportunity opened up. Our team of sales and technical professionals are focused on understanding your business, where it is challenged and where it wants to go, and they use that knowledge to craft innovative technology solutions that deliver. And if your need is to just more efficiently procure products, then our e-procurement portal, Opstrack, will deliver.

Technology Products

At En Pointe IT Solutions, we partner with all leading suppliers in the hardware and software space, and have established our Strategic Partner Alliance Network for access to the largest technology vendors in the world. As a result, we have literally thousands of products available every day to be ordered and shipped form multiple points across the US. WE pride ourselves on simplifying the business of technology product procurement, and want to be your preferred supplier for all your technology needs. In addition, we have invested in certifications and technical capabilities, insuring our ability to have the right conversation about the right solutions.


Making IT work for you is about more than providing the best hardware and software. It’s about configuring the right hardware and software solution for your specific needs, and then providing the services around that solutions to get the right result and ROI. Our Strategic Partner Network Alliance also enables partnerships with specialized service providers in areas like change management and e-training. We have invested in certifications and technical capabilities, and provide access to demo equipment and demo facilities.


The first conversation we like to have is all about how your existing order processing functions. Is there an ability to “punch out” and save time and money? Is it helpful to control what standards are being ordered? Is it helpful to get regular reporting, or have on demand reporting? Chances are the answers to these and many other buying process questions is yes, so we need to talk about providing access to our e procurement tool, which allows us to customize a catalog for you, enable various punch out options, as well as provide detailed reporting. At no cost to you, and easy to implement, we can help you improve your purchasing process today.

Professional Services

Our methodology is based on a holistic approach to a solution life cycle, starting with a review and analysis process to comprehend your vision. Through our analysis process, we design and develop a proposed plan to include critical to success factors, implementation strategies and the ability to manage and maintain once deployed. Our Professional Services team is always engaged so that we can report back and optimize. Whether that be a process opportunity or system upgrade or change, our approach is all about continuous communication. At En Pointe IT Solutions, we have invested in technical resources, certifications and partnerships to ensure that we have a broad capability to address all the needs of our clients, in particularly, the areas that all of us are challenged with today.

Logistics Services

Our approach does not stop at the design. En Pointe IT Solutions has the full capabilities to deliver, implement and manage the solution. Whether it be image and tagging units in our ISO certified distribution center, or hosting your data in our level 3 data center, we have built a comprehensive service portfolio, leveraging our Strategic Partner Alliance Network. Our network of partners enables us to operate seamlessly across the US and throughout the globe, insuring a consistent experience. We partner with the largest distribution and service providers in the world, which enables us to provide a quality service at a competitive price. Through En Pointe IT Solutions, we can take the burden of managing internal deployments off your plate, and generally will not only save you time, but will save you costs as well.